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Did you know Prescriptions can be ordered via the NHS App?

Please note, you can order repeat prescriptions via the NHS App however we require at least 3 working days to process prescription requests - for more information click below.

Please click here for more information about the NHS App

Repeat prescriptions


If you take regular medication, a further supply can be obtained on request, if your doctor feels it is appropriate for you to continue. Please allow at least three working days for your request to be processed, and please let us know which pharmacy you would like to collect from.

What is Repeat dispensing (RD)?

If you and your doctor agree that you should take a medication for a long time, then you might like to consider signing up for Repeat Dispensing. This is when your doctor signs six months' worth of electronic prescriptions in advance. The prescriptions go down automatically to the pharmacy every month or every two months (whichever you prefer, or if restrictions apply as above). This means that you can simply collect from the pharmacy every month or two months, and you don't need to request your medication from us each time. Once the six month batch has been used up, your pharmacy will contact us to arrange a further batch. At this point a clinician will review the medication and make sure it is still appropriate for you. Please speak to a member of the pharmacy team to find out more.

Ordering online with Patient Access

When you order with Patient Access, you can see an up-to-date list of all your current repeat prescriptions, and you can see when your request has been approved. You can also change your nominated pharmacy.

Other ways to order

Alternatively you can:

  • Order via your local pharmacy
  • Or via the NHS App

If you are unable to find or order the medication on your NHS App, please contact us online and click here about your request (

How much can I order?

For most medications, you can order up to two months supply at a time. In some cases, for example if it is a controlled drug, you may only order one month's supply at a time. For contraceptive pills, you may order up to six months' supply if you are sure you will be taking it for this length of time.

All my tablets run out at different times, can I get them aligned?

It is possible to get your medication 'synchronised', so that all of your tablets will run out at the same time.

Simply download the leaflet below and email the completed form to You can also pick up a printed copy of this form at the surgery.

Download medication synchronisation form >

Can I get my medication delivered?

Some pharmacies offer a delivery service. We are unable to arrange this for you so please speak to your pharmacy directly.