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Medical education

Amicus Health is proud to be involved in the training of medical students, foundation doctors and GP registrars as an approved training practice.

GP registrars

GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors with at least three years’ hospital experience. Some GP Registrars have had valuable experience in other medical specialties before deciding to pursue General Practice as a career. Several of our previous registrars have gone on to be permanent members of the staff at the practice. This includes Dr Stephens who was one of the national GP trainees of the year in 2019/20.

Registrars here are a valuable part of the team and work under the supervision of a more experienced GP until they complete their training. There are two GP trainers at the practice, Dr Fitzherbert and Dr Williams. Dr Fitzherbert is also Training Programme Director for the Exeter GP training scheme.

Foundation doctors

Foundation doctors are fully qualified doctors who are in their first two years of working in medicine. They can consult independantly but work under the supervision of our experienced GPs. Around half of foundation programme doctors will go on to have careers in General Practice.

Medical students

We regularly have medical students from the University of Exeter attached to the practice as part of their undergraduate training. This can involve them observing while you see your doctor or assessing patients prior to being seen by the doctor.

If a medical student is present on the day of your appointment, you will always be asked beforehand if you are happy for them to be there. You may ask for the student to leave if you prefer to have your consultation in private.