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Patient Group

The Patient Group has an important role to play in helping give you a say in the way services are delivered to best meet your needs and the needs of our local communities in Tiverton and Bampton.

We aim to talk honestly and accurately with individual patients and the wider community about important health matters that affect them .We also want to support Amicus Health to reduce their costs and improve services by highlighting possible changes that they may not have considered, allowing resources to be used more effectively.

You may want to join the Patient Group at one of our quarterly meetings which provide an opportunity to discuss developments at both surgeries and to hear any concerns being voiced by patients via representatives of the Patient Group.

Alternatively, become a member of our ‘virtual network’ who we contact by email, from time to time, for views on your experience as a patient, on the services you receive and any changes you might suggest.

If you are interested please complete the online form below or speak to a receptionist in your surgery.

Diana Hewitt, the Chair of the Patient Group, can be contacted on . She will not be able to discuss any personal medical issues which will remain confidential between you and members of your clinical team. Also, whilst the Patient Group can take forward a patient’s concerns about a service provided at either surgery, it cannot deal with a complaint. Click here for information about how to make a complaint.

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