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Women's health

All our GPs are trained in women's health issues, and we are lucky to have some GPs with a further special interest in this area. Dr Helen Stephens and Dr An Jannsen are coil and implant fitters and Dr Katie Foster is also able to fit contraceptive implants. Coils can be fitted at the practice for both contraception, or as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy for the Menopause. You are welcome to specify seeing any of our female GPs if you prefer to discuss your problems with a female doctor. Please see our contraceptive, and Menopause pages below for further information. We also want to encourage all women to access screening for female-specific cancers. Please do watch the videos below if you wish to find out more about these.

Dr Helen Stephens
Dr An Jannsen
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Dr Katie Foster
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Sam Budd –
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Video transcript

In this video, Dr Stephens explains the wide range of different options for contraception that are available. Our aim is to find the right option for you.

At Clare House, there are dedicated clinics for the fitting and removal of contraceptive implants and coils.

Clare House Surgical also performs vasectomies, which is a form of permanent contraception for men.

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Cervical and breast cancer screening

Breast cancer screening

In this video, Dr Helen Stephens talks about the NHS breast cancer screening programme. The screening involves taking X-ray pictures of your breasts to check for breast cancer or pre-cancerous changes. An early diagnosis means a better chance of successful treatment.

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Cervical cancer screening (smear tests)

In this video, Dr Helen Stephens talks about the NHS cervical cancer screening programme. This involves taking a small sample of cells from the cervix and testing them for a virus which is the main cause of cervical cancer. The test can be done by one of our practice nurses at your nearest GP surgery.

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Click the button below to read about the symptoms and management of the menopause and peri-menopause.

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