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EConsult – Consult with your GP online

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Need advice about a specific problem or condition

The eConsult service offers information on a wide range of problems and conditions. Using this feature gives you the option to help yourself or retrieve advice from a pharmacy, NHS 111 clinician, or one of the practices clinicians.

eConsult allows patients who are currently registered at the Practice to consult with a clinician online, and offers alternatives to calling or coming into the surgery for common, more minor problems. Using this service you can also access self-help content, alternative options available to you, e.g. pharmacy, symptom checkers, access to 111 clinicians and as already mentioned, the ability to consult remotely with an appropriate clinician

I want to to help myself

Information and advice to help you to treat your condition yourself

I want pharmacy advice

Information and advice on the medicines and treatments available from your local pharmacist for a wide range of minor conditions

I want treatment and advice from my GP

Online consultation to enable our clinicians to provide advice and treatment quicker

So what are the advantages for you?

  • 24/7 Access
  • Secure and confidential
  • Include information that you may find difficult to talk about
  • The clinical team has more information from you at at earlier stage, allowing them to understand your issues, quicker
  • Quick response from the Same Day Access Team
  • Access to much more information for self care

You have to be aged 16 or above to use it, or a parent/guardians can use it for issues with their children

Your request is reviewed by a GP normally within 24hours and you will then be contacted with: email advice, signposted to the appropriate service, a telephone consultation, an appointment booked for that day, or a routine appointment booked if more appropriate.

What if I have an emergency?

Then eConsult will direct you you to call either, NHS111, 999 or the Practice


  • What is the Purpose of eConsult?
  • Who can use eConsult?
  • How does eConsult Work?
  • What Happens Next?
  • What sort of Problems can I use eConsult for?
  • Who Provides and Maintains eConsult?
  • What will happen to the current Appointment setup?

Q: What is the Purpose of eConsult?

A: It is not always practical to ring or visit the Practice for an appointment. Therefore, the Practice has looked into ways where we can extend our online features so patients can have access 24/7. Previously we have used our website to enable patients to contact us with non-urgent questions, but now we have extended this service to include urgent Same Day Access minor illness conditions, through an online system called eConsult.

eConsult’s purpose is to provide an alternative system for problems that are not an immediate emergency. If your problem is an immediate emergency (for example, Chest Pains, etc.) we still recommend you contact the Practice, NHS111 or 999 as soon as possible.

Q: Who can use eConsult?

A: This service is only for patients already registered at Amicus Health. You need to be 16 or over, but if you are a parent or guardian, you can also use it for a child under your care – subject to the normal issues of confidentiality. Finally, you need to be within the UK at the time of the consultation. Conditions able to be submitted for/by those under 18 are shown under the “Child” tab set of conditions.

QHow does eConsult Work?

A: Once you are on the Practice’s eConsult page there are many ways to start the consultation. You can use the various tools available on the home page, including self-help information or advice about where you can go for further assistance.

If you decide you need to send an eConsult to the Practice you can do this by filling in the medical questionnaire. This questionnaire will vary depending on the condition you are reporting. It will also evolve depending on the answers you provide.

Q: What Happens Next?

A: Your questionnaire is sent electronically to us at the Practice where it will be filed to your medical record and reviewed by a GP. From there you may be contacted to discuss the matter further;either over the telephone or in person, or for patients aged 18 and over, only email advice may also be given.

Alternatively, you could be contacted by a member of the Patient Services Team to pass on advice or treatment recommendations, or to signpost you to a more appropriate service to better meet your needs.

Q: What sort of Problems can I use eConsult for?

A: eConsult can be used for a a wide range of minor illnesses/conditions, such as: allergies, breathing issues, stomach issues, joint pains, men’s and women’s health, etc.

When you are selecting your problem on the eConsult website, if it is not something appropriate for eConsult, it will advise you of this and offer the best advice for what to do next. The eConsult system is constantly reviewed to add additional problems.

Q: Who Provides and Maintains eConsult?

A: eConsult’s core team comprised of senior practicing GPs who also have additional qualifications (GPSIs, Lecturers in General Practice, textbook authors). They worked alongside software programmers, website user experience experts and the Design Council to build the platform. There was an additional group of 30 GPs who were involved in road testing and trying to break each questionnaire too!