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We are now using a Triage Service
To minimise the risk of Coronavirus we are currently advising that all non-essential or routine face to face appointments are to be postponed if you are in an at risk group. For instance if you have an underlying health condition, are pregnant or over the age of 70.

Please see NHS website rather than calling us to see if you fall into this category.
To minimise the risk of Coronavirus, Amicus Health will be assessing patients by phone or via eConsultation 

prior to arranging face to face consultations at both our Clare House and Bampton sites.



Length of Appointments

Routine GP appointments are booked at 15 minute intervals. If you have several issues to discuss with your GP or you would like to discuss a complex issue, you may prefer to book a double appointment.

Talking to the Doctor or Nurse on the telephone

There may be occasions when you would prefer to speak to your GP or one of our Practice Nurses on the telephone, rather than visiting the practice. Our reception team will happily take your contact details and ask the nature of your call, and then they can book you into the most appropriate time slot.   Phone calls will be made on or very close to the time it is booked for

You can help us by

Being on time for your appointment and checking in with the receptionist or using the automatic check in system.

  • Letting us know if you need to cancel.
  • Making separate appointments for each member of the family that needs to be seen
  • Calling for a home visit or urgent on-the-day appointment before 11.00am
  • Limiting issues to be discussed to 1-2 per 15 minute consultation

In return

  • Surgeries will normally start on time
  • When a doctor is called away on an emergency or is running late, we will inform you and give you the opportunity to wait or book another appointment.
  • We usually expect patients to be seen within twenty minutes of their appointment time. Please ask at reception if you are kept waiting longer than this.

Extended Opening Hours

The Department of Health have requested that Practices offer patients appointments outside the normal contracted hours of 8.00am – 6.30pm. These additional appointments are for patients who, due to work commitments, find it difficult to attend during normal contracted hours for routine GP appointment.

Early morning (7:30 – 8:00) appointments available Thursday

Evening Appointments (18:30 – 19:30) appointments available Monday and Tuesday

Appointments can only be booked by phone on 01884 252337.

Please note that Reception will NOT be open during these extended hours and the telephones will NOT be answered during these extended hours.


Appointment Reminders     

We can now send you a text message reminding you of any appointments booked at the practice. You will automatically be enrolled in the text reminder system. If you would prefer not to receive text reminders please speak to the receptionist.

Home Visits

If you are unable to get to the surgery owing to illness and need a home visit from your doctor, please try to make the request after 08.30 and before 11.00 and be ready to give the receptionist some idea of the nature and urgency of the problem. This helps the doctor to plan the appropriate response. Outside these hours the duty doctor is available.

Young People

We provide a confidential service to all our patients, including the under 16’s. This means we won’t tell anyone about your visit without your permission (sometimes called ‘consent’).

The only time we ever share information without your consent is if you or someone else could be in danger. We would always talk to you about this first.


Under 16

Everyone aged 16 or more is presumed to be competent to give consent for themselves, unless the opposite is demonstrated. If a child under the age of 16 has “sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable him/her to understand fully what is proposed” (known as Gillick Competence), then he/she will be competent to give consent for him/herself. Young people aged 16 and 17, and legally ‘competent’ younger children, may therefore sign a Consent Form for themselves, but may like a parent to countersign as well.

For children under 16 (except for those who have Gillick Competence as noted above), someone with parental responsibility should give consent on the child’s behalf by signing accordingly on the Consent Form.


Chaperones can be used in consultations if needed to. You should be offered a chaperone for any intimate examination (Breast, genitalia, rectum) but can decline. This should remove the potential for misunderstanding.   However, there will still be times when either the clinician, or the patient, feels uncomfortable, and it would be appropriate to consider using a chaperone.   Patients who request a chaperone should never be examined without a chaperone being present. If necessary, where a chaperone is not available, the consultation / examination should be rearranged for a mutually convenient time when a chaperone can be present.


Where possible, a clinician must be satisfied that a patient understands and consents to a proposed treatment, immunisation or investigation. This will include the nature, purpose, and risks of the procedure, if necessary by the use of drawings, interpreters, videos or other means to ensure that the patient understands, and has enough information to give ‘Informed Consent’.