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Patient rights and responsibilities

Amicus Health Practice Patients Charter

In this charter we are stating those rights to which our patients are entitled and the standard of care they can expect to receive from the practice.

Practice Mission Statement

The practice team strives to provide high quality patient care based on carefully evaluated and monitored ethical practices and professional standards. We strive to ensure co-ordination of services with good communication in the practice and in liaison with hospitals and other associated agencies. We seek to ensure patient safety at all times in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We seek to ensure that patients and their carers are welcomed in a courteous and considerate manner, respecting privacy and maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Your Rights

The practice accepts the patients’ rights to:

  • Receive quality health care including prevention and health screening as well as continuing care.
  • Be referred to a specialist by your own GP when considered appropriate.
  • Be provided with information on all aspects of your care, including the alternatives available, before you agree to treatment.
  • Receive prompt treatment in an emergency.
  • See your health records going back to November 1991 in the presence of a doctor (an administration charges will be made). Certain details may be withheld if your GP believes this is in your best interests. You will be told if this is the case.
  • Have complaints investigated thoroughly, speedily and without prejudice.
  • Confidentiality at all times. Patient information is only accessible within the practice. Details may be shared with third parties such as hospitals or Social Services as part of patient management. Disclosure to others can only occur with written permission from the patient.

Our Standards

  • We will uphold your rights as an individual and ensure respect for cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • We recognise your needs to discuss your concerns in private and will ensure privacy for consultations and confidentiality at all times.
  • If your case is urgent, you will be able to see a doctor on the same day. At the surgery, you will be given a full explanation if you are kept waiting more than 20 minutes after your appointment time.
  • Anyone registered with the practice will be offered a health check on request. Yearly health checks will be available for everyone over the age of 75.
  • Patients will be greeted and directed courteously and efficiently at all times.
  • All telephone calls to the surgery will normally be answered within six rings.
  • All messages/visit requests will be recorded in the appropriate book and passed on to the doctor concerned as soon as possible.

Our Requirements

We Expect:

  • That patient accepts that staff are acting on the doctors’ behalf and should not be subject to abuse of any kind under any circumstances.
  • That patient notify us as soon as possible if they are unable to keep an appointment as this allows other patients to be seen and keeps waiting times down.
  • That patient requesting a home visit should telephone the surgery before 11.00, except in emergencies.
  • That patients waiting in the surgery make allowance for the fact that emergency cases may have to be given priority.
  • That patient will not make unnecessary requests for out of hour’s home visits.
  • During changes to surgeries due to circumstances beyond our control, patients remain polite to staff and give their opinions in writing to the manager, if they require further explanation.
  • That patients asking for test results telephone after 12 noon,
  • A violent or abusive patient will be asked to leave the practice premises. In extreme circumstances the police will be called and they could be removed from the GP’s list.