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Operational Updates

If you or someone you know has a life-threatening injury or illness, such as severe chest pain, bleeding, loss of consciousness or signs of a stroke, call 999 or go to your nearest accident and emergency department.

A lot has changed in our Practice over the past few weeks but one thing that has not changed is that we are still here to look after and care for you in the same way we always have.

We might not be able to see you in person but we can still eConsult with you, telephone consult or video consult. If we really do need to see you in person we can see you at Clare House, Bampton, or Blundell’s Medical Centre.

If you do come down to the Practice don’t be alarmed to see us wearing personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves aprons and face visors or eye protection. This is to protect you and ourselves from coronavirus and to help stop the spread.

We have also created different zones in our practice to enable us to see patients that do still require some face to face care and thought it would be useful to share these details with you so you know what to expect if you are invited to attend the practice.


Please remember at this time we continue with a total telephone triage model and we ask you to contact the surgery either through telephone or eConsult in the first instance. You can only attend the surgery if you have been invited to do so. This enables you to receive advice and care without attending the practice in person. Only if the GP or Nurse does need to physically see you, then they will ask you to present at the surgery. In such cases, risks for both the patient and our staff will have been assessed. We are not closed and we will continue to see those patients that absolutely require it. In doing this, we reduce footfall through the surgery thereby minimising the risk of any transmission to staff and patients alike.

All of these measures are following guidance from Public Heath England and NHS England and are being implemented across many GP practices in the UK. It is all about keeping you safe, minimising your exposure to patients with COVID-19 symptoms and saving lives of the most vulnerable people in our Community. At the same time we need to keep our teams safe and well so they can keep on working to provide patient care.

At times we may have patients on site with COVID-19 symptoms and so it is essential you follow all of our advice and guidance when you arrive at the practice. We are carefully timing appointments so that patients with COVID-19 symptoms are kept separate from those without. They are also seen in a separate isolation area within the practice.

If you are given an appointment to attend in person, please ensure you have been to the toilet prior to leaving home and that you have washed your hands. Please check in at the front door. You will be asked to wait in the car park. A member of the team will then let you in, they will be wearing the relevant personal protective equipment as recommended. Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment, as we do not want patients waiting in the car park for any significant amount of time.

To reduce the number of people attending the site, please try not to bring any family members or friends in with you, unless you require aid with mobility or your care. If a parent is attending with a child then please can we limit it to 1 parent only and if possible please leave siblings at home. We appreciate this is not always possible and will make exceptions if absolutely necessary.

You may be assessed by a Clinician in your car, and in some instances we’re able to take blood tests from here. Alternatively you’ll be taken to one of our dedicated rooms.

Patients who are Shielding

For patients who are shielding but need treatment, we have clinics at the Blundell’s Medical Centre. Shielded patients will still need to be triaged before being seen face to face.

Home Visiting Requests

At this current time due to the increased risk of COVID-19 to staff members, home visits will only be undertaken if absolutely necessary. All home visit requests will be triaged by a clinician and all alternative treatment and assessment pathways will be explored.

If a home visit is deemed necessary as the care cannot be delivered in any other way, then the clinician will attend the property wearing full personal protective equipment. If at all possible the assessment will be undertaken in a well-ventilated area with the smallest effective amount of contact possible. You will be asked to come to the front door or a window if possible and may be provided with protective equipment to wear.

What’s Next?

Our service is going to have to be somewhat different than usual for a while. We are aiming to see only the very necessary cases at the surgery or at home as this protects both our patients and our staff, helping to stop the spread. Most cases will be managed through a phone call or video consultation, but we are still here for you during this difficult period. As pressure on services increase over the coming weeks there may be the requirement to travel to other GP practices or sites for healthcare provision.

Where possible please use our Web Based service, eConsult. This allows you to self-check your symptoms and if appropriate your consultation will be sent to a GP within the practice who will act on it in 24 hours. Please visit to use this service.

Please sign up to the NHS App or our online service via our website as it will be easier for you to access our services over the coming months and quicker for us to deal with your requests, particularly prescription requests. We also have a Coronavirus page on our website with useful info and links.